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Mick, You painted my viking skulls for my Harley. I just took 1st place in a car show in Korea because your paint and tail light modifications. Thanks bro! You should have some people emailing you from the show that want your work!

You're the best!

Anthony Nelson

I cant tell you how many hundreds of Korean riders here in Korea have asked me to take pictures with this bike after micks paint job. I got pulled over by Korean Police just so the Korean police Motorcycle guys could take a picture with it. This paint is really turning heads here. nothing like it in Korea! Thanks Mick!



Here is the completed build. You did a fantastic job, congratulations.

Richard Ortiz


I just wanted to thank you for what you posted on your web site. I put your link on our site and push business your way all the time. I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner but 6 days after I picked up the paint from you my mom, Ricki passed away from cancer. She loved the paint job that you did for us. You were right, we did win shows. I can't thank you enough, Dad and myself already decided that you are the only painter that will paint for us. You changed our lives forever, please feel good about that.

We are bringing more business your way. We are selling "Twisted Dreams", and coming back to you. I appreciate everything that you gave us. My mom was proud of your work,You are amazing at what you do. I'm not sure how many people appreciate what you do but we do. This email is to tell you Thank you, I look forward to talking to you again. This was special for dad and myself, we couldn't ever ask for better.......You are an amazing artist......

Chris & Frank from Monterey


Beyond my expectation once again! I love you man!! You beat me to punch with this thing I found on the internet (see attached JPG). I love what you are doing!!! I love the writings on some of the skulls, just DAMN AWESOME! Maybe you could get a "Guilty until proven innocent" on one of the skulls! Love the "Justice Served! One of the skulls!

As far as the attached JPG goes, I love how the souls in the attached picture are escaping. Perhaps something like this in reverse (being sucked in) for what you're doing?

Well I trust you,

Thank you for getting what's in my head onto my bike!


Badasspaint and Mick were excellent to deal with. The artwork, service, performance, quality, and follow up is superb. The company is 100% honest and straight forward. I highly recommend them over and above any other companies who provide the same services.

Bill Waldron, Townsend, MT

Awesome work man! Very impressive. - Apache567, La Mirada

good work - Dave, Avon, Colorado

Nice website. - Intaglio Fine Art, Poland

HEY..... MICK, The new website looks great, and my pink Vampire Helmet is still stopping traffic :) BF bought me a Harley for the Birthday so I may be in the market for a little coordinating art work. Take Care - Amy, Sherman Oaks

you painted my buddys bike, it is absolutley amazing the detail, you are one talented dude, everyone loves the skulls you did - Josh, Los Angeles, California, USA

i had mick paint my tins this spring. he does some bad ass work. i have received many comments on how unique and great my job is. a++++ thanks mick - Brandon Holmes, Mineral Bluff

Just viewed some amazing work from u guys ... viewed your helmets and they looked stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!- Steve, Sheffield, England

just viewed some of you're work and was just blown away. amazing detail - Michael, Winnipeg, Canada

I had the paint job done in April 2005, so I could make to the Laughlin River Run.I love it; Mick had done fantastic work on my bike. A lot of people stopped by and paid so much attention to the art work.I am so happy when I hop on my beautiful bike.Thanks Mick, you are so talented, Keep up the wonderful work. - Christina, Orange County, California

Great work!!!! - John "bear" Barolak, Travis Air Force Base, CA

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