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Call 1-310-594-6730 or email

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Bad Ass Paint - Contact Mick Cassidy

Phone: 1-310-594-6730

Email Mick at and include your name, phone number and/or email address and a description of the paint work you would like.

Absolutely NO walk ins. You must make an appointment. Thank you.

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Thank you for your interested in Bad Ass Paint custom design and paint for your motorcycle, helmet or other items!

If you are an existing customer and you would like to see your bike or item in our photo gallery, send a digital photo or visit us so we can take a digital photo to include on this website. We only display items painted by Bad Ass Paint in our portfolio.

If a person is visible in a photo, we require written permission (paper or electronic media) to use the image on the website and possibly in other advertising without any compensation unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

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