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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the parts to you?
Please use bubble wrap to wrap your parts. Popcorn or peanuts in the box causes parts to move in shipment and you're responsible for the damage (if any). Please pack your own parts. Use newspaper and crumpled-up cardboard for filler. To save yourself money, drop off at Fed Ex or UPS yourself. Mom and Pop UPS stores charge more. Call UPS or Fed Ex for a location near you. We save you money on return shipping by using these principles and packing your parts very well.

Send items to Bad Ass Paint. Please request shipping address. Please include your name and phone number. We need a deposit of 40- 50% before work begins. We will send digital pictures to you as the job progresses for your approval. We will return your items to you in our own strong boxes.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping cost may vary, depending upon the size and weight of the package. The usual cost is $95 to $150. We ship items worldwide, handle and process all customs documents and all jobs arrive without a scratch fully insured.

What type of paint jobs do you accept?
We are no longer painting cell phones, toilet seats, softball hats or hard hats. These are called FILLER jobs. Once in a while, we will do a mailbox (starting at $150) unless you want to pay the minimum charge $150-$350, but there is no guarantee we can accept your project. We are a premium quality bike-only paint business.

How long will it take you to paint the designs?
Upon receiving your items, it can take 3 to 4 weeks to complete the artwork.

Do you do body work if it is needed?
Usually body work is no charge as long as its minor, as in dents and dings. Don't expect it to be free if it looks like its been pounded on with a 5 lb sledge hammer, rivets are shaved off.

Do you seal the tanks?
Yes, we do $45.00 each, $70.00 for a one-piece tank.

How long until I wax it?
We recommend 6 weeks. Use Carnuba wax. We sell our own brand of wax. Ask us about it.

What about the area around the gas cap?
We have our special epoxy, a tried and tested method, never had one bubble yet. You still must use a vented gas cap (one with "small holes").

How do you finish under the fenders?
3M Rubber undercoating "black matte", also helps in stopping chips from developing from rocks coming off the tires and hitting the underside of the fender.

Do you paint fiberglass and plastic and repair it?
Yes, we do.

Can you do major tank fabrication as in recessed gas caps?
Yes, we have been doing it since 1999.

What is the average number of clear coats I get?
Usually, it's 8; 4 before the pin striping / art, then 4 after. This gets the art/pin striping buried before it gets buffed to a glass finished.

How should I make payments?
We require at least one third of the estimated cost before starting work. The second payment of one third during work and the final payment before releasing the finished product. You can pay ahead, but be sure to pay in full when work is completed. Your product will NOT be released until the total cost is paid in full. Product must be paid in full and received within 30 days of notification of completed job or item is sold to cover our costs unless prior arrangements are made.

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