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You are awesome! I am VERY happy with your process and professionalism. From the time that I first viewed your website, to currently viewing the quality of your work, my expectations have been exceeded in every regard. Not only are you a great artist and have reasonable pricing, but you are a good business person -- communicating and staying organized through the entire process. GREAT WORK!!!
For the entire message, please see this copy of an email from Jim Hamman.


Thanks again for all the work you did for me on my bike! I'm totally lovin it! I think i left my invoices up there, so if you could mail those down to me, along with a few cards, i'm sure i'll have the chance to pass those out!! I had a few of my bro's over to the house today, and they all sat and marveled at the work! I really appreciate the way you worked with me throughout the entire process and i especially appreciate the way that you were wide open to my input the whole time, unlike a lot of "artists" tend to be!! You never let ego's interfere with the end result which was the best part!! I also appreciate all of your input, and i feel that your ideas were what really made the whole thing come together!!! Please feel free to use my name, number and email address as a reference at any time!! I can't wait to ride this bike, and i can't wait to send you some more business!! I only hope that you don't become too busy to do more stuff for ME!!! Thanks again Mick!! You are TRULY a Biker BRO!!!

with all sincerity!!

dave (David Brandsen Construction, San Diego, CA)

PS. I'll be sending those stretched fat bob's up to you as soon as i have a chance to figure out what i want on them!!

Hey Mick, You did a Skull Paint job for my runnin buddy, Trent Jones back in 2003 and did a awesome job. His Night Train has won every show he competes in and best in paint honors are due to your ability. ... My expectations are high and I will pay for perfection. I have seen several of your finished products and consider them all "works of perfection". I look forward to proudly displaying your work. - JW Smith, Bloomington, IN

I'm your #1 fan!

Bad Ass Pope


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