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Mick Cassidy, Airbrush Painter and Artist

Grim Reaper Mick Cassidy is a unique artist originally from Dublin, Ireland. He studied art at the local schools with a heavy influence in Celtic design and knot work. During the early eighties, with the rising political violence in Ireland he emigrated to the United States of America.

In Los Angeles, where Bad Ass Paint is based, there are many beautiful motorcycles and not that many talented artists. Having paid his dues in welding, machine shops and hot rod builders, Mick built a solid foundation for his expertise in fabrication of thin sheet metal, paint and flawless bodywork. "I loved to paint and draw and so many people refused to help or share techniques with me. I even tried to sell my soul to the devil - but he wasn't buying that day."

After years of practice of airbrush painting, results began to show. Mick went to every swap meet, car and bike event in surrounding states, displaying the many gas tanks painted for show. The demand for quality work was evident.

Today we usually are booked up 2 months year round. And while our mission is to never sacrifice quality for quantity, we remain the top of our class in quality as the benchmark of custom motorcycle painting and motorcycle airbrushing. Many larger "custom shops" are not so custom, but sweat shops hustling, exploiting young artists that are producing substandard work. Bigger is not always better. We can we reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you!

Mick Cassidy

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