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Bad Ass Paint - Glossary


ACRYLIC ENAMEL - old 1980's paint
Alsa paint corp.
Airbrushing - the art of applying automotive paint.
Animals - Living creatures that are not plants are human that are popular designs for motorcycles or tattoos.
Automobile - car, truck, SUV to transport people. The automobile often is a symbol of style, wealth or personality and impresses people when sporting a bad ass paint job.


Bad Ass Paint - the best place for custom airbrush paint jobs.
Bikers - People who ride motorcycles and love bad ass paint jobs.
Body work + badasspaint = a flawless paint job every time.


Candy paint jobs - beautifully colored paint that is shinier than flat paint.
Celtic - graphics for bad ass designs.
Custom paint candy paint, custom graphics; it's what we do!
Choppers - Motorcycles that normally have been altered from the original bike frame design to extend the front wheel forward or have other design changes.
Customers - People who pay for a product or service and are happy to pay for a bad ass job.


Design - Idea portrayed in an image.
Devil - A creature from Hell that is evil or bad; the opposite of angel; a popular design for motorcycles or tattoos.
Du Pont paint - don't go any where else except to Bad Ass Paint


Every one comes to us after they've shopped the competition.
Evil - bad, sinful; opposite of good


Fantasy - fictional design often depicting sexy women, animals, death or other things imagined for a bad ass paint job.
Flush mount tail lights
Flames - classic hot designs


Got paint
Gas caps - Get custom gas caps to accessorize your custom bike.
Gas tank - Proper sanding, prep work and paint make a better bike.
Gold leaf - Gold foil is applied to a design for a sparkling metal appearance on motorcycles, signs and other items.
Graphics - the main centerpiece of the artwork.
Grim Reaper - The taker of life and souls and a famous character for motorcycle designs.
Guitar - musical instrument with at least four strings that is also known as an axe. A bad ass paint job on a guitar will be the envy of other musicians!


Harley Davidson - the greatest Custom 2 wheel invention.
Hell - ain't a bad place to be according to AC/DC; the opposite of Heaven; a place consumed by flames and full of sinners.
Helmet - Object worn on the head of a person riding a bike, driving a car or performing another potentially dangerous act to protect the head. Customize your helmet to look cool and be safe.
Honda - popular Asian motorcycle
Hot - Flames, Sexy women, fantasy and death are popular or hot designs for motorcycles.
Hot Hues Paint


Indian - Popular brand motorcycle; old term for Native American; popular design for motorcycle
Iwata airbrushes are used do a bad ass paint job.


Jack - A face card above 10 and lower than the Queen.
JE illusions would be so proud of us.
Jesters - Killer clowns, evil jokers and other characters that are popular bad ass designs.
Jet - fast aircraft
Joker - often used as a wild card in poker or other card games; a villain captured by Batman; a character appearing as a popular motorcycle design


Kawasaki - popular brand motorcyle
Killer motorcycle paint jobs - something we specialize in; kustom shop paints.


LED tail lights, the coolest way to roll.
Lettering - Letters are carefully painted for signs and designs.
Love your bike - give it a bad ass paint job.


Motorcycle - A two-wheeled motorized vehicle that resembles a bicycle; a bad ass ride that deserves a bad ass paint job.
Metal flake - sparkling paint job which has a more textured look than flat paint.


Never go anywhere else.
Nitrous - used to make race cars have a quick boost of speed.


Orange pearl paint with house of kolor clear coat
Owner - the person to whom an object belongs.


Paint - colorful liquid airbrushed on motorcycles often in bad ass designs.
>Pearl paint - Shiny appearance and not flat paint.
Psycho paint - Crazy, bad ass paint job for your motorcycle or car.
Pinstriping - Thinly painted lines as designs or accents to accessorize a bike, car or other object.
PPG paint + clear coats


Quality - Bad Ass Paint does high quality design, fabrication and airbrush paint work.


Radical Custom Paint
Rock+roll custom paint


Screaming skulls
Sexy airbrushed girls
more airbrushed skulls / our specialty
Slut - a woman who has sex with a lot of men who are often found hanging with bikers or pictured on MySpace.
Suzuki - popular brand motorcycle


Tire Kicker - a swapmeet lizard looking for a $100 paint job.


Uniform paint color match
Unequalled design, quality and satisfaction


Very good quality airbrushing in Los Angeles, CA.
Vixen - sexy women that look great in fantasy design artwork for your paint job.


Wet sanding - a process to ensue a perfect finish.


X-rated designs for bad ass bikers.


Yamaha - popular brand motorcycle
You will be happy with a bad ass paint job.


Z grip - a premium paint + body filler.

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