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Custom Motorcycle Paint Designs on Motorcycles/Choppers/Hogs

Please look at our custom motorcycle paint designs. This is what we do. It is all we do. No cars, boats or vans here. In order to get killer custom motorcycle paint for your ride, call Bad Ass Paint at 1-310-594-6730.

If you have a Harley Davidson Road King or a Road Glide, we like to really put some real custom airbrush work on those. The large panels and the side bags make a great canvas. Look at this tank. Custom motorcycle paint does not come from the HOUSE OF KOLOR can. It comes from the mind of an artist.

Painting a motorcycle is not like painting a car. You must prepare it better. You can be assured that the best knowledge, style, class and skill are right here - Bad Ass Paint/Custom Motorcycle Paint.

We at Bad Ass Paint understand that your motorcycle is more than a vehicle; it is a way of life. As a result, many riders are interested in finding a company that can provide a motorcycle custom paint job that reflects their individual lifestyle. Take a look at the photos of our work, and you will quickly see why Bad Ass Paint is known for the highest quality custom motorcycle paint jobs available.

Custom Paint Detail and Imagination

We proudly use the best House of Kolor and PPG products for all of our custom motorcycle paint jobs, producing the richest colors for the biggest visual impact possible. Whether you are interested in flames, skulls, Celtic designs, or any other image for that matter, Bad Ass Paint will create a masterpiece. We have a unique style that allows our work to stand out among the best examples in the industry today.

Many businesses have attempted to duplicate our stylized custom paint jobs, but all these attempts have fallen short. If you expect the best, rely on Bad Ass Paint to exceed your expectations. Nobody knows custom artistry and quality design like Bad Ass Paint.

Now is the time to give your motorcycle the custom paint job you deserve. For the highest quality and finest detailed artwork, contact us at Bad Ass Paint today. Call 1-310-594-6730 or send an email to describing what you want. We are confident that we can masterfully create whatever you have in mind. Experience the difference a Bad Ass custom paint job can make.

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